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What Every Passenger Aboard a Party Bus Should Know About Alcohol Consumption

It goes without saying that just about everyone loves to have a good time, especially in a group. And one of the most affordable ways for young people to have a good time with a group is to book party bus Fresno limo services. The U.S. limo and taxi industry employs 256,651 people, but you still want to find the best party bus Fresno has to offer.

Just remember: the best party bus Fresno limo services have rules to keep everyone safe, and that includes rules for underage participants. Unfortunately, some young people really do think rules are made to be broken.

While underage guests may also be there to have fun, the same rules apply as they would in a bar or club. Underage alcohol consumption is not permitted and can lead to legal consequences for everyone if you’re caught. But that’s not the only risk. To help you understand more about underage drinking and the effects excessive drinking can have, here are some useful tips to take with you on your next party bus event.

What Does California Law Say About Underage Passengers on Party Buses in Fresno?

New California Law Requires Party Bus Chaperones

Current California law, called the Passenger Charter-Party Carriers’ Act, requires drivers of any limousine or party bus to adhere to specific laws for travelers under 21 years old and beverages containing alcohol. Drivers and business owners could potentially be charged with a misdemeanor crime for the possession of liquor on board a limo with minors.

The law was implemented in February 2010, when 19 year-old Brett Studebaker lost his life after crashing his car into a divider after drinking on a party bus. Even though he was driving his own vehicle at the time of his death, he had been drinking on a party bus before the fatal crash.

How to Recognize Alcohol Poisoning

While most people typically throw up when they’ve consumed a lot of liquor, others go to sleep and never wake up. The lethal amount that healthcare authorities agree upon is around .40%, or four times the current lawful cutoff in many states. This guideline will vary from person to person, and there have been reports of deaths at much lower and much larger amounts.

If you have been drinking with friends, you may not be able to notice if they have alcohol poisoning or not. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half after you have quit drinking before you can even begin to feel sober. The signs of alcohol poisoning to look for are:

Difficulty being awakened
Slow, shallow breathing
Failure to respond to stimuli

Interest in the many types of party bus Fresno and other cities have to offer has increased over the years. In fact, the industry saw a 3.2% yearly increase from 2009 to 2014 in revenue from party bus rentals. While having a good time can often involve drinking, it is important to remember the dangers that come along with it. Educate yourself and your fellow passengers on how to stay safe and ensure everyone has a good time and makes it home safe.

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