Use Your Manners: Some Important Party Bus Etiquette You Need to Know

In the U.S., stretch limos are the second most requested vehicle for business clients, but party bus rentals are popular for more casual events. For example, a party bus can be used for a graduation party, a wedding, a prom, or even a birthday outing. But that being said, it’s important to know how to properly behave when you’re riding in a party bus rental.

While it’s not a place where you need to be 100% quiet all the time, it is important that you behave in a manner that’s respectful and mature. Whether you’re renting a 50 passenger party bus or a party bus for two, here are some common etiquette tips that should help you create a great atmosphere for the ride.

Follow the Law

While it is legal for passengers to consume drinks on the bus, it’s still not legal for minors to drink, even if they’re on a party bus. Both you and your driver could be facing serious fines if a minor is found drinking alcohol on the bus. In addition, the limo bus service could face serious legal implications. As with any event, you need to make sure you’re abiding by all alcohol consumption laws.


Being drunk might be fun, but you need to remember that you’re not in your own home and that someone else is driving so you can have a good time. The driver isn’t paid to babysit you while you drink, they’re paid to drive you from point A to point B. In addition, you should take care not to leave any garbage on the bus and to clean up any messes that may have happened during your ride. Remember: you’re in a rental party bus.

Don’t Forget to Tip

As previously stated, your driver isn’t being paid to babysit you. If you want the next party bus experience to be as fun as this one, you should respect your driver and tip them! It’s important to make sure they know that you appreciate their time, patience, and service.

Party bus rentals are a great way to spend a night out seeing the town, but don’t forget these three etiquette tips!

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