Tips for Wedding Transportation

So, you’ve planned a wedding. You have the venue, the officiant, the flowers, and the love of your life. You know what you’re eating and who’s coming, but how do you plan on getting there? Just as importantly, do you have a plan for wedding guest transportation, especially for after your guests have had a few rounds of celebratory champagne?

Without proper transportation, your entire ceremony could be ruined by a logistical nightmare. Here are some tips for your wedding day travel plans:

The Cost

The cost of your vehicle will depend first on how many people you need to transport. Will just the bride and groom be taking luxury transportation, or will you need to provide rides for the wedding party, parents of the couple, and other guests as well?

Once you know how many people you have, you’re able to find a vehicle that suits your needs. Limousine services are one of the biggest travel industries in the United States, generating $11 billion annually and employing more than 250,000 people.

Wedding limos can transport many people at once, ranging from huge 50-passenger party buses to low-occupancy, post-reception towncars. If you want to lump the entire wedding party together, a larger vehicle is the most economical option. Party buses aren’t just used for bachelor and bachelorette parties; they can also be used for affordable, efficient wedding transportation. If you want people to arrive separately — the bride, for instance — there are options that allow for privacy as well.

Will you provide transportation for everyone to the ceremony and reception? One or the other? Will you use your limo service to give rides home or to and from the airport for out of town guests? Coordinate with your transportation service and make sure that the drivers know the exact time and location of each pick-up.


Coordinate with your guests to find out if any plan on driving to the ceremony. If you think that there may be too many vehicles for the venue to accommodate, consider hiring a party bus to pick up and drop off some of your guests. While you don’t have to let them in the wedding limo, it’s a smart idea to group your attendants together in a larger vehicle, not only to save space, but also make sure that they all make it to the ceremony on time.


Consider leaving space for a photographer in one or more of your rented vehicles. The excitement and anticipation will be in full-force in the back of a wedding limo, and you don’t want to miss out on looking back on the memories.

Be Prepared

Expect the unexpected, even if the unexpected isn’t ideal. Make sure you organize a call sheet that includes the names of the passengers, phone numbers, pick-up and drop-off locations, and times. Confirm the details with your passengers and the transportation service to keep everyone on the same page.

If you’re looking for a service that can meet all of your expectations on the big day, count on Absolute Comfort Limousineto provide excellent wedding limo transportation in Bakersfield, Fresno, and the surrounding areas.

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