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Thanks for the Tip: What You Need to Know About Tipping

You’ve come to the end of your ride on the limo service Fresno has to offer. Although the taxi and limousine service industry makes around $11 billion each year, you may be wondering how much to tip. While some limo service companies add on gratuity for all-inclusive pricing, not all do. Here’s a simple guide on how and why you should tip after using the services chauffeurs have to offer.

Why You Should Tip

Tipping has been in existence for years and, if you are a returning customer, you want to be remembered. Tipping is not something you do to increase your bill, it’s a way of saying thank you for the service you received, especially if your service was particularly exceptional. On the contrary, if you are not satisfied with the level of service you’ve received, you should not refuse to tip altogether. Instead, tip only the minimum, but be sure to get in touch with the company’s customer service department to voice your complaint — so that they can take action toward correcting the problem for future customers.

When and How Much to Tip

Tipping can be confusing. We all know that restaurant servers and hair stylists generally receive tips, but there are other professions where the practice isn’t as clear. And of course, the choice of how much to tip can be problematic, too. Some people say 15%, while others tip an absolute minimum of 20%, no matter the quality of the service. In general, it’s better to overtip than to undertip, so 20% for acceptable service and 25% for exemplary service is a good rule of thumb. In the event that service was unacceptable, a 15% tip is still wise. Remember, too, that the person you’re tipping can’t always control the service you receive. A waiter, for example, isn’t responsible if the quality of the food is bad.

In order to give you a better understanding of how tipping works, here is a list of the common standards for tipping in different situations:

1. Doormen, Bellhops, and Skycaps:

A typical tip for assisting with baggage or opening doors is $1-5.

2. Housekeeper:

A typical tip for housekeepers is $2-5 per night. High end hotels should be tipped more.

3. Limousine Chauffeurs:

For airport transfer or point-to-point transfer, the usual tip amount is $10-20. For several hours of service or service for multiple days, drivers can earn a tip of around $50-100.

4. Taxi Driver:

Depending on the level of service, drivers can earn a tip of 10-15% of the base fare.

In the U.S., more than 130,000 limousine rental cars are currently in service. For the 256,651 people employed by the taxi and limo service Fresno and other areas of the country, tipping is very common. Now that you know more about tipping and how to do it, you will now pay more attention to the level of service you receive and just how much to tip for it.

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