Surprise! How To Pull Off Any Unexpected Limo Celebration With Ease

Limo services can be great when you’re conducting business out of town or want to travel in comfort. After all, 50% of all limousine services are provided for corporate customers during the work week. But limos are also ideal for big celebrations like weddings, dances, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. If you’re looking to surprise a loved one for a special occasion, a decked-out limo ride can be the perfect thing to kick things off. Limo services are unexpected, luxurious, and a whole lot of fun. But to ensure you can pull off your surprise without a hitch, you should follow these tips.

Decide on a vehicle

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a limo or party bus for your special surprise. How many people will be involved? Vehicle sizes vary, so you’ll want to choose one that fits your needs and budget. If 10 people are going on a birthday outing or surprise bachelorette party, you’ll need a vehicle that fits more than two. But if you’re planning a romantic trip, you don’t want to be stuck with a vehicle that’s way too big for what you need. Limo services professionals can advise you on what they have available and which vehicle would best fit the occasion.

Book the date

You’ll want to start planning well in advance. Not only will this give you time to execute all your plans, but you’ll also have greater availability for times and vehicles. Make sure you can get the guest of honor to the right place at the right time and inform the limo company of all your plans. You may need to enlist help from other friends, your loved one’s coworkers, or family members to make sure everything leading up to the surprise goes smoothly.

Pick a destination

Of course, the surprise limo ride will be about the journey, but it’s also important to pick a destination that your guest of honor will love. Are you going to an awesome spa? An elite eatery? An out-of-town trip? What about a multi-stop occasion? Put some careful thought into picking an ending place for the evening and be sure to inform the company of your plans beforehand.

Add the extras

Lots of limousines and party buses come with fun elements to improve the ambiance, but there’s usually nothing wrong with adding some other touches, too. You may be able to request champagne or another special drink be added, or you may be able to bring your own. Depending on the company, you might be able to supply your own decorations, music, and more. Don’t be afraid to ask about these extras; they can make a special occasion even more extraordinary.

Keep it under wraps

Make sure there are no spoilers on social media or slips that will ruin the surprise for your loved one! Even if you think a post is private, there’s a chance that your plans could leak. In general, tell everyone who knows about the surprise to keep all postings off social media platforms and not to speak publicly about your plans. In addition, if you happen to share banks accounts with the guest of honor, you may want to use a check or pay cash for the limo transaction — or at least hide the bill from them if you pay well in advance!

Confirm plans

One business day prior to your surprise, you should confirm your plans with the limo company. While reputable limousine services won’t forget about your booking and leave you high and dry, double-checking can still provide you with valuable peace of mind. You’ll also want to stealthily make sure that your guest of honor’s schedule is still open and that your ruse is all set. If you’re working with others to make sure your loved one is where they need to be, confirm with them as well. This last-minute confirmation can alleviate forgetfulness or other problems that can come up.

Want to find out about using our limo services for surprise birthday parties and other occasions? We’d love to help make your event even more special. Contact Absolute Comfort Limo today to learn more.

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