Rage like Royalty: Wine Tour Tips to Keep Your Crew Comfy

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Rage like Royalty: Wine Tour Tips to Keep Your Crew Comfy

“Siri, where’s a limo service near me?” Ah, so many wine tours have been haphazardly hashed together by giddy groups of friends that they forget a key factor in safely conducting a wine-soaked celebration: “Who’s driving us?”

We love wine touring in limos and generally encourage responsible travel options! Apparently, the rest of America does, too. In the five years from 2009 to 2014, taxi and limo services in the United States grew annually by 3.2%. That’s absolutely amazing. So many wine tours are happening all around the country.

But, who’s doing it right? We know we are, so here are some pro tips to run your wine tour without a hitch.

Rent Bigger
One of the worst things that can happen during a wine tour is having a limo that’s too small. Wine tours generally last between four and eight hours. The last thing you want is to be squeezed in tightly. Trust us, it goes downhill as the tour progresses. Most groups bring snacks and extraneous beverages. Extra space can be allotted to last-minute tour add-on stragglers (shame on them) and supplies to keep the crew fed, watered, and happy.

Have A Tour Mom/Dad/Coach
We all have that one friend. The one with the loudest voice, most commanding presence, the one who’s got your tour broken down to the minute at each stop and has factored in time for bathroom breaks and drunk munchies. The one who probably organized the limo in the first place. There’s your tour Parent. All jokes aside, having this person is key to trip organization and maintaining the masses. Keeping proper time on your tour is paramount to limo service respect.

Pack Snacks, Drink Water, Be Respectful
Let’s get real, you’re on a wine tour. Alcohol will be consumed. While you’ve done the part of opting for safe and responsible transportation, you’re being driven around by a fellow human. Your wine tour crew should have a blast, but they should also keep their behavior in line. Eat food, drink water, keep your bodies safe, and be a decent human to the person driving you. It seems like an obvious wine tour tip, but it’s one that gets thrown out the window far too often. Don’t be that group!

When limo service near me hits the search bar, remember these trip tips and you’ll have a royal time.

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