Quick Tips For Finding the Best Deal on Limo Services

When it comes to attending an upscale event, there’s nothing more classy than arriving in a beautiful, elegant, luxurious stretch limo. But, it’s not always realistic, because unfortunately, limos are generally not the most affordable type of transportation. But if you have a big event coming up and you want to splurge on a limo service, here are some tips to help you find the best deal.

Timing is everything:

Limo rates are highly dependent on the time of week and time of year. Early summer is easily the most popular time for limo services because of big events like proms, weddings, and graduations, so pick another time of year if you can. Additionally, weekday travel will always be less expensive than weekend travel, for obvious reasons. But be aware that by booking a limo for events during the winter and on weekdays, you’ll generally get highly discounted rates.

The more, the merrier:

Traveling with friends is not only more fun, but it’s more affordable, too. Most limo services charge per vehicle, not per person. They generally offer six passenger, eight passenger, and 10-passenger vehicles, and the six passenger limos are generally the cheapest and will give you the biggest bang for your buck. You can also ask the rental company if they offer a discount on older vehicles — many places do.

Beware of other expenses:

Most reputable companies will give you the complete price before you commit to their services. The complete price should include the limo price, as well as gas, parking fees, road tolls, and gratuity. To avoid this, ask very clearly, “does the price include everything?” Failing to ask this may result in you getting taken for a ride by a money-hungry, less-than-reputable limo service. A limo is already an investment, and you always want to make sure that you’ll be getting everything you paid for, and nothing less. Asking about the deposit is critical too, and the USA Limo Guide recommends avoiding any limo company that requires more than a 50% deposit. If a limo service asks you for a full deposit, it’s a major red flag.

There are currently more than 130,000 limousines in service across the country. Ultimately, finding the best price on a limo service comes down to creativity and resourcefulness. Don’t be afraid to ask all the questions you need and do plenty of research with different companies. For more information on limo services, contact Absolute Comfort Limo.

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