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High School Student Gets The Hollywood Treatment

The internet has a reputation for being the great equalizer, removing barriers of status and social class and bringing people together like never before.

There is no better example of this than the curious incident of David LeCours, a Massachusetts high school student, and reality TV star Khloe Kardashian.

It all started out with an innocent video shared by LeCours in which he asked Kardashian to his high school prom. The twist? She responded!

“David!!! Why are you the cutest?!?!?!” Kardashian said in a tweet posted shortly after the teen’s original video.

The courtship between LeCours, Kardashian, and her assistant ultimately ended with a one-on-one facetime session between the star and LeCours, where she apologized for not being able to attend the prom, but she quickly added: “I’m getting you a party bus.”

On prom night, Kardashian sent a beautiful, white limousine for LeCours and his date, best friend Kristie to usher them into their prom in high Hollywood fashion. Although LeCours was disappointed at the celebrity’s absence, he said afterwards that the night was still “…a blast.”

For many high school students, renting a party bus or limo service is a rite of passage on their way to prom. But the limo and taxi industry is a lot larger than celebrity culture and proms, employing 256,651 people nationwide. Other popular services include wedding limo, airport transportation, and wine tours.

But no matter why you are hiring a transport service, there are two strong threads that connects all these disparate occasions: luxury and visibility. A limousine is first and foremost a statement, either of wealth or occasion. These decadently cozy contraptions have a way of standing out against a backdrop of traditional cars, saying that whoever is inside can afford to splurge on the very best in comfort.

Perhaps that’s why cases like this occur as often as they do, like when embattled NFL star Ray Rice rented 50 underprivileged families limos and took them for a shopping trip. Offering the comfort and importance of a limousine ride can be an act of contrition or of sharing good fortunes.

But whatever her motivations might have been, there is little doubt that Kardashian has given LeCours an occasion he’ll remember for the rest of his life.

If you have find yourself in need of a party bus or a wedding limo, contact us today for a Hollywood experience of your own.

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