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Going on a Wine Tour? Learn How to Taste Like a Pro

You’ve booked a Fresno party bus party because you want to take a wine tour to learn more about California wine. Knowing that party bus rentals are an affordable way to get all your friends together is even more reason to take advantage of the 130,000 vehicles across the U.S. to choose from. To help prepare you for your Fresno party bus party, here are some tips for wine tasting to improve your experience.

Before You Get Started

Wine experts will often explain the four elements of tasting wine: appearance, aroma, mouth feel, and finish. You may not think so, but there are many things that can interfere with your impression of the wine you taste, including the environment. Consider the level of noise around you if you are in a crowed room, cooking smells, the shape of the glass, wine age, and temperature. You may also want to consider residual flavors from food and drink you’ve previously consumed, which is why tasting rooms have crackers to cleanse your palate.

Tips for a successful wine tasting

Make sure that you indeed have great, unbiased tasting conditions.
Ensure your wine is at the right temperature and sufficient for tasting.
Get a sufficient tasting glass.
Pour the wine in the glass about 1/3 full.
The initial step of really tasting wine is to assess it by SIGHT.
Look straight down into the glass, hold it in the light and give it a tilt so the wine moves toward its edges. You will have the capacity to see the wine’s full shading range, not only the dim focus, providing you some insight into the thickness and saturation of the wine.
Look at the wine through the side of the glass held in light to observe how clear it is.
Look at the wine with the glass tilted so the wine disperses toward the edge to determine its age and weight.
Give the glass a good swirl and smell it by drifting your nose over the top and taking a progression of short sniffs.
While smelling the wine, notice things like: off-fragrances, natural product smells, blooms, leaves, herbs, floral notes, wine barrel fragrances and other subtle flavors.
Take a little taste of wine as if you are sucking it through a straw. Keep in mind to circulate air through and course the wine inside your mouth.
Little tastes will allow you to have the capacity to recognize flavors and smells.
Swallow to observe the finish.
With businesses who provide wine tour transportation and limo services earning an average of $11 billion annually, you can see why so many choose to book a Fresno party bus party. Get a group of your friends and family together and learn how to taste wine like a pro on a California wine tour. Chances are, you’ll want to do it again.

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