Essential Courtesies You Need to Show Your Limousine Driver

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Essential Courtesies You Need to Show Your Limousine Driver

There are few things quite as thrilling as stepping into a limousine for the very first time. It may seem like a glamorous occasion, and in most cases it is! But before you let loose and get wild on your limousine tour, it’s important to keep your limousine driver in mind.

Not only is this person taking the time to drive you around a city or from one destination to the other, they’re accompanying you and your group throughout the evening. Let’s take a look at a few essential courtesies you should be paying your limousine driver for their service.

Keep On Time
This is an especially important courtesy if you’ve booked a limousine service from your home to the airport or to a private event. When you’re booking your limo, you should have a specific time in mind for when you’ll need to be picked up. In addition, you should let your limo service know when you’d like to be picked up from your event. While it’s possible to pay for the extra time you’ve spent in your limo, it’s rude to be late after you’ve already confirmed a time with them. Not only that, it puts your limousine driver behind schedule, wasting their time.

Mind Your Manners
Riding in a limousine — whether you’re limo chauffeur is taking you to an event or driving you through a day of wine tours — means using your manners. While limo services may provide alcoholic beverages or amenities in their service packages, you should take care not to abuse them. Three essential missteps to avoid include:

  • Using rude or lewd language when speaking to your driver
  • Sticking any body parts out the windows or sunroof while in the limo
  • Damaging any part of the limousine

Don’t Forget to Tip
Limo services do pay their drivers, but that doesn’t mean refusing to tip is appropriate. In fact, it’s considered quite rude. Your chauffeur gets you from point A to point B and may even go the extra mile to make sure you’ve had a good experience. After spending an afternoon, evening, or entire day with you and your friends and offering exceptional service, a tip is an important gesture for you to make. When in doubt, 20% gratuity is fairly standard.

Considering that almost 50% of limousine services are provided to business clients throughout the week, these courtesies are typical for limo drivers. If you decide to book your next wine tour in a limousine, make sure you’re being a courteous guest.

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