Don’t Rent a Party Bus Without Reading This First

Our Fresno party buses are more versatile than many people realize. While some people might mistakenly assume that party bus rentals are only for fraternity parties, limo bus services are also quite popular choices for large wedding parties, corporate transportation, and school trips.

But if you’re renting one of our Fresno party buses for the first time, there are some important things you should know.

What, exactly, should you be aware of before renting your first party bus?

The Four Most Important Things To Keep in Mind Before Renting a Party Bus

1. The #1 Rule for Any Group Transportation (But Especially Party Buses)

This is pretty straightforward, and gross, but it’s worth saying: it is very rude to puke inside a party bus. While it’s perfectly acceptable to responsibly drink alcohol aboard a party bus, going overboard or binge drinking can be a bad idea. Keep an eye on your fellow passengers, and remind everyone to pace themselves.

For an in-depth blog post on party bus etiquette, click here.

2. Size Is Everything

Ideally, you want a few extra seats open inside your limo bus service; however, dozens of empty spaces will make for an awkward party bus experience. That means you need to double check beforehand to make sure you aren’t renting a 50 passenger party bus when you need a 20 person party bus instead.

3. Work Out the Logistics Ahead of Time

Our special event limo service is experienced in planning transport for everything from weddings and wine tours to airport shuttles and corporate transportation. That means we know how to solve logistical problems and ensure there’s always a place for the bus to park. Work with your limo service to ensure there will be ample parking available for the bus itself at your destination, and also to work out any other logistical hurdles ahead of time.

4. Not All Limo Services Are Created Equal

We take pride in our fleet of limousines and Fresno party buses, but not every limo service can say the same. You don’t want to drop hundreds on party bus rentals only to discover that you’ve really paid for a barely renovated school bus. Make sure you read about the vehicle’s specific amenities before you sign on the dotted line.

Have more questions you want answered before arranging transportation in Fresno? Contact Absolute Comfort Limo Service today!

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