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Choosing The Best Corporate Transportation

When it comes to business clients and corporate transportation, it’s safe to say we want to make a good impression not just for the image of our business, but to make our clients as comfortable as possible.

But what kind of cars are the best to rent for a corporate meeting as a means of transporting your clients?


Many transport services offer sedans for corporate transportation, an understandable choice. Sedans are lighter cars, which makes them more faster and more operable on the road with swifter turns and swerving ability. This especially comes in handy if a project or meeting is taking place in a colder climate where the roads may be icy as sedans are less likely to tip over and are designed specifically to thwart road danger.

And, for your more environmentally-conscious clients, sedans are also more fuel efficient. That’s less air pollution with all the style of a sleek vehicle.


For business clients, stretch limousines are the second most requested vehicles in the United States. Limousine services represent class and prestige and are a wonderful way to make your clients and associates feel special. They allow your client to travel in style with the additional benefits of relaxing in the backseat without the questionable quality of a taxi service.

Your client is able to listen to music and enjoy beverages such as bottled water and, if needed, they are able to make additional stops along the way without adding additional money to the meter as a cab would.


If you’re looking for corporate transportation that has the dependability of an Audi, but with a classier look, a BMW 5-series is a practical and affordable option. For clients that like the feel of power, the car’s engine is “responsive and turbocharged, which makes for a driving experience that feels direct and connected” according to Car Buying Strategies. The BMW 5-series is also surprisingly fuel efficient, so while your client will be able to happily rev the engine of this company car, it won’t cause any detrimental effects.

Choosing a company car for the sake of corporate transportation and airport transportation can be a difficult decision — not only are you looking to make your client and associates as comfortable as possible, but you’re representing your company and what you stand for. Whichever your car choice, be sure to choose a reputable and reliable transport service for the best results.

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