5 Tips for Booking Your Wedding Day Travel

With so many details regarding your big day, you may be concerned about forgetting something important. Wedding day travel is often overlooked until the last minute, in part because it’s hard to think about travel until all of the venues are booked.

But when it comes to wedding transportation, there are a number of things to keep in mind. To keep your wedding plans on lock and not miss a beat, here are five tips for wedding day travel.

1. Plan out your timeline

While you may not have every detail planned out, you likely have a rough estimate. Exact timing is not always necessary when talking to a limousine service regarding your wedding day plans. Just knowing the “where” can be hugely beneficial to a limo company so that they can map out how long it will take to get from A to B and beyond.If you have a block of time set, that’s even better. Once you have a relative ballpark time when you need your limo or party bus to pick up your wedding party or guests, let the company know ASAP.

2. Have a budget in mind

As with any other wedding detail, transportation needs to be budgeted. In order to budget this, you need to know how much space you’ll need. Will the bridesmaids and groomsmen be making a grand entrance in their own private limousines, or are you comfortable with them arriving together? Do you need to provide transportation for people other than the wedding party, or will they drive in on their own? Obviously the more people you need to accommodate for, the larger the vehicle, and larger the price tag. However, it is certainly possible to work with a company to determine which vehicle(s) best fit your budget.

3. Book early

Booking wedding limos is no joke, and they’re certain to go quickly, especially with wedding season just a few months away. Now is the time to start contacting potential limo companies. About 60% of limo companies have fewer than five vehicles in their fleet, so it’s important to check out multiple companies ahead of time to make sure that they can accommodate for the number of people that you need.

4. Accommodate for additional travel services

Do you have guests flying in from out of town? While you’re making wedding day travel accommodations, see if you can arrange to have a shuttle pick up your out-of-town guests from their hotel or airport, depending on when they get in.

5. Be sure to confirm!

The worst thing to happen on your wedding day is an unexpected surprise. If your limo service hasn’t confirmed details with you, your wedding party, or guests may end up stranded. Be sure to call them well ahead of time, as well as the week of the wedding to go over all of the pick up and drop off details, including times and locations.

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