5 Safety Tips for Drinking Responsibly This Year

A new year is finally here, and millions of people started their 2017 with a bit of a champagne hangover. As one of the biggest celebrations of the year, it’s important to drink and travel responsibly on New Year’s Eve. But don’t let those lessons fly out the window on January 2.

If you’re planning a fun night out with your friends that involves drinking, here are five tips to keep you safe as you celebrate during the new year.

Stay in a group

The best holidays are the ones spent with friends and family. But not only are loved ones important for celebration, they’re important for safety. Whether you’re going to a private party or a public event at a bar or restaurant, play it safe and arrange a group of people to arrive and leave with.

If you travel in a group, there are more of you who can help deal with unexpected situations. Someone is bound to have packed a phone charger, ibuprofen, tissues, chapstick, or anything else you need to keep yourself in check and ready to party. It’s also a great idea to have a meeting place set, just in case someone becomes lost or separated from the group.

During any major event, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. It’s important to look out for each other to make sure that you all have a safe and enjoyable celebration.

Eat something

Before you start celebrating, it’s important to eat a filling meal. Try to eat well and balanced. You don’t want to fill yourself to the brim, but it’s important not to feel faint or hungry before you hit the town, especially if you plan on drinking alcohol. Speaking of which…

Drink responsibly

If you do plan on drinking during your night out, it’s almost certain that you’ll come across some other wayward drinkers who may be excessively intoxicated. To avoid getting to that state yourself, it’s good to pace yourself and know your limitations. Keep track of how many drinks you’ve had, and regularly drink a glass of water between drinks. Also, never leave your beverage unattended. With so many people celebrating together, you can never be too sure of anyone’s intentions.

Champagne safety

On New Year’s Eve, the champagne toast is the climax of the night, and while it’s very exciting to see the cork pop off a champagne bottle, it goes without saying that the cork should be popped off away from all guests and valuable items. If you want to be extra safe, gently twist the cork off the bottle to avoid a cork-bullet and bubbles spilling everywhere.

It’s also good to keep the number 45 in mind; 45 degrees is the best temperature to enjoy champagne at, as well as the angle that the bottle should be tilted at.

Don’t drink and drive

Responsible driving is crucial following a night of celebration. Taxis will be busy during holidays and other major events, and finding one last-minute isn’t guaranteed. At the same time, it’s not always possible to find a volunteer for designated driver.

Instead, why not rent a party bus? There are 200,309 limo and taxi services in the U.S., so there should be no shortage. If you rent a party bus or limousine service, then you’ll be sure to have a safe ride that will arrive on time. Limo services book fast though, so if you haven’t found ride accommodations for your party yet, now is the time to get busy.

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