4 Ways To Be Respectful When Sharing a Vehicle

Ride sharing is all the rage right now. From car sharing apps to taxi and limousine services, party buses, and more, ridesharing is both convenient and economical. There are no shortage of these sort of services either. Every year, the taxi and limousine industry generates about $11 billion in revenue.

But sharing a ride with someone, especially a stranger, can often result in an unpleasant or uncomfortable experience.

When sharing close quarters with another passenger, you really don’t want to be “that guy.” There is a certain etiquette that all passengers need to abide by in order to be respectful of others. Here are some useful tips for your next limo excursion.

1. Practice good boarding etiquette:

If you’re sharing a ride with multiple people who are heading to different destinations, proper etiquette says that the person disembarking first should sit toward the front of the vehicle. This way, they will not need to fight through legs and arms to reach the front door.

2. Respect your fellow passengers’ personal space:

Whether you’re using public or private transportation, this rule is always applicable. Although seating can sometimes be cramped, it’s important to keep all of your belongings and limbs within the confines of your own seat. If you’re riding with close family or friends in a vehicle with ample space, your stray belongings likely won’t bother them too much.

3. Don’t stink up the car:

It’s extremely important to be aware of the strong smells that you might be carrying with you. Strong perfume or cologne can often trigger allergies or headaches. Strong smelling foods may also leave lingering odors that may distract your fellow passengers or make them uneasy. When it comes to planned transportation, try to plan ahead.

4. Try not to talk on the phone:

While it’s not uncommon to make a phone call when you’re on your way to a destination, when you’re sharing a ride with others you may come off as rude or distracting. Using your phone isn’t completely discouraged, however. Use text or email instead to keep your ride quiet and pleasant.
By being aware of your surroundings and not being particularly distracting, you can expect to have a smooth ride to your destination.

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