4 Tips for Planning Your Office Holiday Party

With the holiday season underway, your company’s office party is likely just around the corner. Office holiday parties can be notoriously disastrous if you aren’t very, very careful in the planning process. Oftentimes, coworkers will get a little too tipsy, making for an awkward New Year.

If you’re on the office party planning committee, be sure to plan out the following details to make sure that your colleagues have a safe and enjoyable time at the party.

1. Have the event catered

Though potluck parties are more cost efficient, it’s best to ensure that there is enough to eat to go around. Especially if you have a large office, it’s easy to overlook how much food you will truly need. It’s always better to have leftovers than not enough, so be sure to budget appropriately. Otherwise, employees will be drinking on an empty stomach, a sure recipe for an awkward company Christmas party.

2. Welcome employees’ families

If you fear that the party may get out of hand, consider inviting families along. This will give your coworkers the opportunity to spend more time with their families this holiday season, and more importantly, will also encourage them to stay tame. This will also encourage you to plan for family-friendly activities — not just ones centered around drinking.

3. Plan activities

Speaking of activities, plan some! It’s one thing to decorate and have a theme, but you need to make sure that your colleagues socialize. For many who work in different departments, this could be their first opportunity to connect. Plan out some icebreaker games that will get everyone comfortable with each other. As the night rolls on, everyone should be friendly with each other.

If you plan on making your office party family-friendly, be sure to plan something special for the kids, too. An arts and crafts station can keep the kids busy making holiday gifts for their parents and loved ones. A photo booth can also be used to capture memories for everyone to look back on for years to come.

4. Get everyone home safely

Don’t trust that everyone has a designated driver. Special event limo services are available for hire to make sure that no one gets behind the wheel. Not only do they have limousines in their fleet, but they also have party buses and town cars to accommodate however many people you need to account for. Party buses are especially great for large group transportation to a venue outside the office.

Don’t be unprepared this holiday season if your office party gets a little wild. Call Absolute Comfort Limousine to schedule special event limo services, just to be safe.

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