4 Reasons to Rent a Limo For St. Patrick’s Day


4 Reasons to Rent a Limo For St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on March 17, and it typically involves a huge party. There are parades, bar crawls, and other festivities that are scattered around the entire world, and people go bananas.

Because people love to celebrate this holiday, there is typically a lot of traffic that comes with it. One of the bests ways to combat this is to rent a ride. If you hire a limo chauffeur, there is a very small chance that anything will ruin your celebration. There are currently about 200,309 taxi and limo services located across America, so you have many at your disposal. Here are four reasons why using limos on St. Patrick’s Day is a smashing idea.

You can drink as much as you want
It is a common understanding that with the celebration of St. Patrick comes a lot of alcohol consumption. With limo services, no one has to worry about refraining from the festivities to be the designated driver. All of your friends will ride around safe and sound in a limo, no matter how many Guinness’s they have.

It’s actually affordable
If you and all of your friends are interested in renting a limo, everyone can chip in. This makes the cost per person for the limo pretty cheap. Also, think about the amount of money everyone would have to pay for downtown parking, especially if everyone drove separately. Ditch the parking meters and pool your money for a fancy ride around town.

You make memories during the ride
When you and your friends all meet up somewhere, you are losing out on valuable memory-making time. When you all ride together in a limo, you are spending more time together. This allows for more adventures and more laughs to be shared. You can all say, “remember that St. Patty’s Day in the limo,” and you won’t regret it.

It’s simply awesome
Do you know anyone else who rides around in style on any holiday, let alone St. Patrick’s Day? All of your friends will be green with envy of your fancy limo when you drive up to the festivities.

No matter what you are doing on St. Patrick’s Day, you should rent a limo. You can drink as much as you want, you’ll look awesome, make memories, and it’s actually pretty affordable. For all your limo needs, contact us today.

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