4 Great Gifts for Every Wine Lover You Know

4 Great Gifts for Every Wine Lover You Know

wine tourGift giving can be really difficult sometimes. If the person you’re buying for loves wine, then you’ve already got a leg up. There are so many wine related gifts out there that are more unique than the bottle of wine that you get them every year. Here are some great ideas to gift the wine lover in your life, no matter what the occasion.

Bring them on a wine tour

What better gift to give a wine lover than a wine tour with a limo service Fresno CA? Wine tours are great fun that can last a whole day or even a whole weekend. They give you the chance to try wines you’ve never heard of, and you usually get some pretty good food in there too. Make the day perfect by hiring wine tour transportation services. You can ride around in style all day and not have to worry about how much you drink. The taxi and limousine industry generates about $11 billion a year in America, and a lot of the revenue comes from wine tours. It will be a gift your wine lover will never forget.

Personalized wine glasses

Your wine lover loves to drink wine, obviously, so why not get them some awesome glasses they will love drinking out of? You can get glasses monogrammed or engraved at many places, so you can spell out their name or give them a special message that they get to read every time they have a glass of wine. This is a gift they will actually use, too!

A great corkscrew

Although many bottles have a screw top instead of a cork, there’s nothing quite like hearing the sounds of new new bottle popping when opened. Get your wine lover a cork screw to fit their personality. Get them one shaped like an elephant if they love elephants, or maybe a cork screw that looks like a sports car will please them. Chime into what they love (besides wine) and combine their two passions.

A fancy wine rack

If you drink a lot of wine, you know it’s best to store your wine in a rack so that it’s on its side. This protects the wine from excess oxygen. Your wine lover will love a rack that they get to store and display their wine on. When guests come over, they will be able to show off their collection on their awesome new rack.

No matter what gift you decide to give the wine lover in your life, make it a good one. They will appreciate you understanding their passions, and maybe you’ll get to drink some wine, too!

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