3 Details You Should Never Forget at Your Wedding

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3 Details You Should Never Forget at Your Wedding

Your wedding day should be everything you want it to be and so much more. After all of the planning you’ve done, you deserve nothing less! But in your rush to get the big things sorted out, have any small details fallen through the cracks?

As you probably already know, no detail is too small at your wedding. If you’ve let something slip, we’re here for you! Take a look at these three commonly overlooked wedding day details to make sure you aren’t left organizing anything at the last minute.

Designating a Photo Organizer
Everybody knows about the wedding photographer, but it’s highly unlikely that your wedding photographer is going to know who everyone else is at your wedding. And that singular fact can make or break your wedding day schedule! In order to avoid a scheduling snafu, make sure you designate a member of your family or bridal party to gather the appropriate parties together for official photos. Now when the photographer asks for a photo of the groom with his aunts, uncles, and cousins, your photo organizer will know exactly who to grab.

Getting Your Wedding Party to and from the Venue
If there’s one thing as important as the wedding ceremony itself, it’s making sure everyone (especially the wedding party!) gets there on time. Coordinating with separate cars can be a huge hassle, so why not look into limo services for your big day? Party buses are a great option for bachelor and bachelorette parties, but a wedding calls for a little more class. Whether your wedding party consists of three people or thirteen, hiring a limousine service means everyone gets there at the same time and in style. Your limousine driver will know exactly how to get where you need to go and keep your travel time to a tight schedule. If you’ve left out this important detail, don’t wait any longer to look into the best limo services around!

Gathering Favors for Your Guests
When in doubt, simplicity is the answer. Are you already ordering custom escort cards for your guests? In many cases, these can double as party favors. And if you want to appeal to the foodie in everyone you know, opt for something edible. Local honey is always a great bet!

Above all else, remember that your wedding is just that: yours. It should reflect your personal style! But don’t forget to hammer out the technical details, either.

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