2 Things Every Bride Should Know About Wedding Day Transportation


2 Things Every Bride Should Know About Wedding Day Transportation

Brides have so much to do in order to get prepared for their wedding day — they have to pick out a dress, choose flowers, book a reception venue, and make hundreds of other decisions both large and small.

One big stress inducing detail that goes into almost every wedding is coordinating wedding day travel. The bride, the groom, and the bridal party all have to get around on the wedding day, but many couples also have to arrange transportation for out-of-town guests, older relatives, and others. It can be difficult to coordinate this, and glitches in transportation can throw off the whole day.

To ensure your wedding day goes off without a transportation hitch, here are two things that every bride should know about traveling on her wedding day to make sure it totally stress free, courtesy of The Knot.

Book Your Transport Services Far In Advance
Whether you want a limo, a party bus, or a fleet of big SUVs, you need to book the service at least six months in advance. If you are getting married during the summer, which is prime time for other events like prom and graduation, limos and other transportation services book up quickly. Th United States limousine and taxi industry grew by 3.2% annually from 2009 to 2014, and they are only becoming more popular as time goes on. That being said, they will be in high demand, so in order to get the selection you want, book it as soon as possible.

Give Yourself Extra Travel Time
The wedding day itself is very busy, and many brides often try to time things down to the minute. It is important to understand that elements like traffic can make anyone late and put a damper on the big day. Give yourself some extra time for each leg of the itinerary in case of unexpected delays. It is also a good idea to research if any special events are going on in your travel area on your wedding day, like sporting events or festivals, that may slow you down.

Traveling on your wedding day can seem like a huge headache, especially if you have multiple places to go. Remember to book your transportation service well in advance, and to give yourself extra padding time to travel on your wedding day, and the transportation stress will simply melt away

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